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Beth McGurr

We’re coming for you, Boston! We’ll be in Boston participating in the Pride Festival on Saturday at City Hall Plaza. Come out and find us – we’ll be selling undies from our Play Out booth! And after the festival? We’re going to check out the Boston nightlife. What better way to get ‘in the know’ than by chatting with Beth McGurr, the founder and CEO of Lesbian Night Life (LNL for short!).

Beth is a born and bred Bostonian, having grown up in Hyde Park and now living in Dedham. She told us that she started promoting club nites in Boston at a young age, and by the time she was 24 became the founder and CEO of LesbianNightLife. Based out of Boston, LesbianNightLife is the premier place to get information about what’s happening nationwide in lesbian arts, entertainment, and culture. Even though we’re in NYC, we’ve heard of Beth’s Boston events, which are staples for the lesbian community – like Memorial Day in Ptown, the Fusion Pool Party and the weekly Club Café Women’s Nite. We were excited to talk to Beth about her annual Boston Pride events happening June 14th. And of course – everyone should check out to follow all her big annual events and to find out what events are taking place in your neighborhood!

 Play Out: It sounds like you’ve been participating in Boston Pride for a long time! What’s your favorite thing about Pride in your city?

BM: I love the energy. Everyone is always so happy. I love that the streets are full of people and the parties are packed. It is such a fun time in Boston.

PO: Do you have a favorite Pride memory?

BM: Looking out at the crowed during the Esme Block Party. It is always suck a good feeling to look out and see everyone having a good time.

PO: Speaking of the Block Party – that seems like a unique event at Boston Pride. At least, we can’t think of anything similar that we’ve heard of at Pride events in other cities. What’s that like?

BM: YES we have the ESME Block party on Saturday. It is crazy. I have been doing it for over 15 years now. So much fun. We basically take over an entire alley way surrounded by nightclubs. The party is inside and out. Thousands of women dancing in the street.

PO: That sounds like a blast! We’ve already started singing ‘Dancing in the Streets’ in our heads lol. What should we be looking forward to at the OneLove after party??

BM: Every year we host a women’s Pride party. This year it is at UNDERBAR (Tremont St., Boston). The party starts at 7pm immediately after the block party and goes until 2am. We have special guest Adrienne Mack-Davis performing live along with DJ Jamila Afrika and Dj LaNena.

OneLove party 2014 flyer

OneLove party 2014

PO: Well, we’re excited! Since we’re a fashion company, we want to know what your style is! What do you wear to Pride? Do you have a favorite Pride outfit?

BM: Typically, I am wearing my LesbianNightLife ‘U Need Me’ T-Shirt… but who knows, maybe I will change it up this year ;)

PO: OK, to wrap up. What does Pride mean to you?

BM: Pride to me is about having fun with friends. I think it is important to show support for the gay community. Its always a great day to come out and celebrate. Freedom, self-expression, all that good stuff.

AND don’t forget to check out Beth’s latest creation for the community – the Stargaze Arts and Music Camping Festival. It’s an incredible weekend in September that invites established artists, musicians, and creative minds to share their talents with women of all backgrounds during a fabulous weekend in the woods!!

Stargaze Arts and Music Camping Festival flyer

Stargaze Arts and Music Camping Festival

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