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picture of Karen Diehl and Ebone Bell

Karen Diehl and Eboné Bell

There’s so much happening in DC this weekend! After the Phase 1 JELLO Party on Wednesday, we hope you’re ready for the Pride Parade and Festival at Capital Pride this Saturday and Sunday! To let you all know what’s happening this weekend, we caught up with Karen Diehl, the owner and founder of LURe DC, lesbian nightlife event planning and promotions – a mainstay and long time player in the DC scene. Check out their Facebook page and their Twitter to get in on the action during Capital Pride this weekend!

 Play Out: Different Pride events in different cities have their own unique vibes. What’s your favorite thing about Capital Pride?

Karen Diehl: In DC we refer to it as the Gay Christmas. It’s a time for all of us to celebrate how far we have come, to be around those we love, and meet up with people we haven’t seen in a while…well at least we attempt to in all the chaos.

 PO: For sure – every Pride, in every city, every year, utter chaos! But lovely, delightful chaos we think. What’s your favorite Pride memory?

KD: As someone who volunteered with Capital Pride for 10 years, and who has also done their main women’s events with Eboné Bell (BOI Marketing & Promotions – Tagg Magazine). I would say it’s that moment when you look out into the crowd and just see everyone having a good time whether they are dancing, drinking, laughing…in that moment it makes all the stress, lack of sleep, etc worth it. Knowing that you put it together, and you were behind that “good time”…it’s rather rewarding.

 PO: Since we’re a fashion company, we want to know what your style is! What do you wear to Pride/what’s the Pride style in your city? Do you have a favorite Pride outfit?

KD: Ohhh that’s tricky. As far as my style during the day it’s always about my sneakers. What color, brand of kicks I will be sporting around town. It’s always my starting point for deciding what I am going to wear. When it comes to the nightlife club aspect of Pride…it’s still based on my shoes…but it becomes…What shoes am I ok with people spilling drinks on, and what shoes are comfortable. I don’t have ugly shoes so I have a pretty good advantage. As for the City? Well we are rather eclectic. From hipsters, to butches, to femmes, to sport lesbians. You name it we have it. DC is often referred to as a transient city, so we get people from all over the place bringing their own flair with it. Favorite Pride outfit? Awesome kicks, cargo shorts, and a tank top.

PO: How does LURe DC celebrate Capital Pride? What trouble are you going to be getting into this weekend?

KD: Annually LURe & Tagg Magazine team up with Capital Pride to produce an event called FUSE. From DJ’s to performers we try and produce and one of the largest women’s events in the city. With 2000 plus ladies dancing the night away, this is the event not to be missed. DJ Rosie, DJ Dee Dub, and the gorgeous DystRucXion Dancers will be entertaining us all night long this year.

Fuse party flyer

Fuse party flyer

picture of DystRucXion Dancers

DystRucXion Dancers

LURe & Tagg Magazine FUSE FB event page:

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