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Sonny Oram

As you read this, Sylvie and I are probably on the road driving up to Boston! We hope it stops raining in time for all the Pride celebrations tomorrow. To get our focus back on fashion during all our Pride interviews, we were so excited to have a chance to talk with Sonny Oram, the founder of, a website that curates and describes queer style around the world. Sonny aims to share the style aesthetics and identities of their writers and the queer community at large. Qwear documents all the beautiful self-expression happening in queer subcultures and they hope to inspire those looking for more through their clothes. They also offer practical advice and give reviews of our favorite brands. If you haven’t checked them out yet, follow all the links on this page to explore some awesome queer fashion!
Play Out: What inspired you to found

Sonny Oram: I founded Qwear as an empowering community for queer women and trans* people to celebrate and share their sartorial triumphs. Queer people like myself often grow up not being to express ourselves, and when we finally do it’s just like an explosion of fabulousness. Often that comes out in our fashion choices, and it’s a delight to see how that manifests.

PO: What’s your favorite thing about Boston Pride?

SO: Running into everyone I know!

PO: What’s your favorite Pride memory?

SO: I loved going as a kid and being overwhelmed by the streets filled with queers…. so many queers and so much glitter. It was a lot to take in but a really incredible experience to have had while growing up.

PO: What do you wear to Pride/what’s the Pride style in your city? Do you have a favorite Pride outfit?

SO: At pride you want to be as loud as possible. I usually find something neon with large letters on it or whip out the gayest T-shirt I can find. The more glitter the better.

PO: Maybe this question could be submitted to your Q&A section – Will you do a Pride style guide on I’m sure a lot of people would love to read that! 

SO: I’m thinking we will probably do something documenting all the awesome outfits we see.

PO: Describe your personal style in 5 words or less, or in a single sentence.

SO: I currently think of my style as like a dapper, street smart, pizza boy wearing a hat with his socks pulled up. I like to borrow things from prep culture, like the short sleeve polo and brown suede shoes that everyone wears to catholic school.

PO: Were you always interested in fashion? Did you ever picture yourself running a queer 

fashion-based website? 

SO: I only became interested in fashion once I started wearing menswear*! I always hated shopping for girl clothes as a kid and never felt any connection to it. So I pulled quite a 180 when I became known for my work in fashion and male modeling.

picture of Qwear website

Qwear website






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