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Pride Interview – Winter Mendelson, Founding Editor of Posture

picture of Winter Mendelson

Winter Mendelson

Happy Pride Week, NYC!!! What are you doing on Thursday? We hope to see you at the Posture Magazine Girl-on-Girl Documentary Pride Concert Event – we’ll be there! We’re also super excited to be teaming up with Posture Magazine a week after Pride to run the Photo Booth at the Hot Rabbit 3rd Anniversary Party July 4th!

We had a chance to catch up with Winter Mendelson, the Founding Editor of Posture, before the big event. Posture Magazine is an arts magazine dedicated to the promotion of queer creatives in the areas of visual art, fashion, performance, film, and music. The site launched online last May, 2013, and Winter told us the team is consistently growing to include talented writers, editors, photographers, and videographers. They are based in New York City but feature national and international content.

Winter described Posture as not only an online magazine, but also as an entity that engages with the community on many levels. One important example is that they are launching an online gallery this week. Posture-designated agents and curators have specially chosen the artists in the gallery, and will work with them to move their career forward and consistently exhibit their work. Winter is excited to see how this program will grow, and also told us that they have a variety of events in the works that will bring people together in fun and engaging ways. To quote the awesome woman herself, “Ultimately, the goal is to inspire thoughtful dialogue around the complicated concepts of identity, sexuality, and human behavior.”

Play Out: What’s your favorite thing about NYC Pride?

Winter Mendelson: My favorite thing about NYC Pride is definitely the energy you can feel throughout the city. It’s all love and I feel really lucky to be a part of it.

PO: What’s your favorite Pride memory?

WM: When I first moved here in the summer of 2012 it was just in time for Pride. I walked on the sidelines of the parade alone and couldn’t believe how many people were out donning rainbow flags and shamelessly showing off who they were. This city is so inspiring to me and has given me the push I needed to take Posture off the ground.

PO: Well, you’re a relative newbie to the city then, we must say! Sylvie has been here over 5 years, and Abby…at least 8, on and off. What events and stories will Posture Magazine be covering around Pride?

WM:Christiane (Posture’s fashion editor) and I just attended a fantastic Pride brunch thrown by Ilegal Mezcal  who are amazing supporters of the LGBTQ community. It was so fun to hear more of their story and we’ll be writing all about it soon. We’ll also be attending Whitney Day’s events, Original Plumbing’s Rooftop Party, and Gayletter’s Pride Ball. We don’t normally cover events, but we’re making an exception for Pride! There is so much happening and what is most exciting for me is talking to the promoters and learning about their vision – the party generally represents a greater mission.

PO: What do you wear to Pride? Do you have a favorite Pride outfit?

WM: This will be my first year very active in Pride festivities but I will probably keep it chill and wear our own Posture tank! I just did a run of the design you can see below (here adorably modeled by our Assistant Director of Events, Kel). They will be offered for sale online soon.

 PO: What would you say is the Pride style in NYC?

WM: Less clothes is more I’d say.

 PO: Any tips for what to wear to the Girl on Girl benefit concert? Inquiring minds want to know!

WM: Yes! You should definitely purchase our special limited edition tank made in support of this event. Available for purchase on Girl on Girl’s website HERE.

picture of Kel modeling Posture tank

Kel, modeling Posture tank

Girl on Girl limited edition tank

Girl on Girl limited edition tank

 PO: Describe your personal style in 5 words or less, or in a single sentence.

WM: Classic, minimal, comfortable, and “boyish.” (Play Out also wants to say congrats to Winter for being named one of dapperQ’s “100 Most Stylish dapperQs 2014″ earlier today!)





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