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We at Play Out embarked on a very meaningful project. In collaboration with our friend Emily Jensen, who is launching her new online community FlatTopper Pride, we are featuring photographs of our dear friends Emily, Jodi Jaecks, and Melly Testa wearing Play Out underwear and proudly going flat. Each of these women was diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age, and each chose NOT to receive breast reconstruction post bilateral mastectomy to remove both breasts. We want to share their photographs, stories and experiences with you in the hopes that other breast cancer patients, especially in the lgbtq community, will find role models, support and inspiration. Let's start a dialog around gender presentation and expectations, breast cancer, and being queer. You can read our experiences working on this project here; see more pictures and read Emily and Jodi's stories on FlatTopper Pride; and see more pictures and read Melly's story on her blog, Melanie Testa.

Credits: Emily Jensen and Jodi Jaecks, Photographed by Candace Doyal; Melly Testa Photographed by Nomi Ellenson; Styling/Hair/MU by Bronwyn Karle