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About Play Out Underwear

Our styles

At Play Out Underwear, we offer two different styles of underwear - the boxer briefs, or boyshort, cut and the trunk cut. We would love to upend the standard language surrounding fashion and gender, but not everyone would know what we are talking about. As a start, though, we have given our two cuts different names in order to differentiate between them.

Our Boxer Brief cut is slightly shorter and has a flat stitched front; in fashion, this cut pattern is most often designed for women, called women's boxer briefs or boyshorts.

Our Trunks are slightly longer than the boxer briefs, and offer a fabric pocket in the front. This design is most often marketed towards men, as men's trunks or underwear.

No matter your gender identification, we consciously design everything - from the styling, coloring, and both cuts - to be appealing to every gender. We have had people of all gender presentations and identifications wear both styles of underwear. In some places on our website, you will see that some descriptions do use the labels "men's" or "women's"; this is so that everyone can find us using language that they are familiar with (and for SEO and other purposes). We are constantly trying to evolve and work on our language descriptors. Thank you for your understanding.

InspirationPicture of Play-Out boyshort with the splatter print

Frustrated with the colors, designs and styles available in the women's underwear market, Sylvie Lardeux and Abby Sugar set out to create new underwear designs that are lesbian-inspired, gender-neutral, sexy and fun for women and people of all gender identifications. They wanted to create a comfortable fit featuring high-quality fabric, all while offering underwear made in the USA. Play Out underwear takes design elements from men's underwear and makes them sleek and sexy for all body types. Do you have to be a tomboy to wear Play Out underwear? No. But we hope you will try wearing our boxer briefs every once in a while!

Picture of Play-Out hipster with the plexus printDesign

Abby and Sylvie first designed the Garçon Manqué boxer brief style with a great fit. The line expanded to include the Damoiselle Hipster cut and the Courtisane, Play Out's version of the Bikini underwear cut. All styles feature a 1.5-inch woven elastic waistband with the Play Out logo. As of spring 2014, Play Out offers their most popular style - the Garcon Manqué Boxer Briefs or boyshorts, AND a newly designed Trunk style. Garçon Manqué is offered in the original three graphic patterns, as well as 7 newly developed and unique graphics!


All styles are made from a Supima Cotton, Micro-Modal and Spandex blend. This means the fabric is soft so you hardly feel that you're wearing it; breathable so you don't sweat and feel gross; and slightly stretchy, so it maintains its shape after washing and wearing.Picture of Play-Out bikini with the lola print

Made In USA

Play Out is happy to advertise that their underwear is manufactured in the Eastern United States. Our offices are based in New York City. Reshoring manufacturing brings jobs back to the U.S.A. and helps the economy.


Play out will continue to roll-out new graphics and color-ways in our boxer brief style. With enough interest in our designs, we will be able to produce our other two original styles - a bikini cut and a hipster cut - as well as add a thong style to our line of underwear. Stay Tuned!