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He / Him / His

Transgender model wears geometric multi-colored print trunks underwear

Community is a family. One that kindly challenges each other to be better and do better. One that supports each other, protects each other, listens and learns from each other. 

The advice I have to give to people who are struggling with their gender and/or sexual identity may sound cliche, but it was very important for me to wrap my brain around this when I was coming out; you are not alone. There is nothing wrong with you. Not being certain about your identities is okay, even though it feels very tumultuous. You can take all the time you need to ask all the questions you need to of yourself and others. Reach out. Write it out. Dance it out. Trust your gut. If it feels right keep it, and if it doesn't, it's really okay to let it go. No one can tell you how to be you better than you. 

If you are currently in a situation where you feel like you can't truly be yourself - Do what you can while staying safe. But please know that in this moment, exactly as you are RIGHT now, you are enough. You are powerful. And these circumstances will not last forever. The Big Queer World exists, and you are already part of our community and family. 

I am so, so sorry that is happening to you, I remember exactly how that feels - to experiencing bullying, peer pressure or force because you are queer. Do you remember that scene from the Craft where Nancy is all “you don’t even EXIST to me”? Sometimes you gotta be like that. Whether it’s by giving them a look, by ignoring them completely, or by actually saying something out loud to them, don’t let them dictate how you think of yourself. They’re really raging at themselves and taking it out on you.

Transgender model wears geometric print denim colored low rise trunks underwear

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Please note – our sizes are true to size. The medium will be a true medium and not a smallish-medium, like some companies. The sizes are also true to most average underwear garments, so if you normally buy a large in underwear that is the size you should buy from Play Out underwear.

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